Payne Bits and Spurs Work

Jeff Payne has been forging and hand-crafting bits, spurs, and buckles at Payne Bits and Spurs for close to 30 years. Rest assured, all of his work is custom and built to order.

“I’m here to build you what you want. It will be one-of-a-kind, and something that you will be proud to pass down to your children and grandchildren.”

Jeff’s pieces are first and foremost, functional tools designed for the working cowboy. Though functional, each piece delivers a blend of form and function that is also easy on the eye!

To place a custom order with Payne Bits and Spurs, please contact us or call 254-898-0258

“You get’em home, and for whatever reason – it don’t work for you, or you just don’t like ‘em. Just send it back to me and I’ll give your money back.”

Jeff Payne, Payne Bits and Spurs


Jeff Payne and Jerry Cates, Abilene Bit and Spur Show 2011.

It is on this simple statement that Jeff Payne has built his business.

Jeff didn’t start out aiming to build spurs for a living. In 1988 his wife, a native of Amarillo, gave him a pair of Jerry Cates handmade spurs for Christmas. Grateful, Jeff stopped by Jerry’s shop to thank him. Jerry invited Jeff back the next day to watch him work and Jeff soon began to dabble with making bits and spurs in his spare time. Jerry Cates and Jeff soon struck up, what was to grow, into a life-long friendship.

When the Texas economy turned in the late 1980s, what began as a hobby soon grew into a necessity as the demand for his Ranch Management skills diminished as oil prices plummeted. By 1990, Jeff was building spurs and bits full time.

Jeff’s Cates Spurs.

Having done some “cowboying” in his youth, Jeff is committed to building a sound product at a price affordable for the working cowboy. For Jeff, Bits and Spurs are tools of the trade and have one primary function, and that is to improve the horsemanship of the rider, and if you can look good while doing it, even better!

As Jeff often describes himself, “I’m just a one-man operation working out of my shop, building one piece at a time.” All work is custom built to order. What he can build is only limited by the imagination of his customer.

“I’m here to build you what you want.”Jeff explains to each customer, “It will be one-of-a-kind, and something that you will be proud to pass down to your children and grandchildren.” 

It is this philosophy that keeps turning customers into friends!

Jeff and Sadie.

Jeff lives in Glen Rose, Texas – when he is not working in the shop, he is out working his cattle. If you ask him what he’s most proud of, he will tell you, “Being Lauren’s Dad!”

Jeff has one daughter, Lauren Payne Urbanczyk. Lauren graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Lauren and her husband, Jake live in Hereford, Texas. Jake farms and Lauren works as a commodities trader, when they are not working, they are busy raising their daughter, Sadie Grace.



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